Open Hackerspace Day - March 28th 2015

Techinc will be participating in Open Hackerspace Day 2015,
We will be open in the afternoon and evening.

On Saturday March 28th, you are welcome to have a look in one of many Dutch hackerspaces. A hackerspace is a place where people with a technically creative spirit gather to work on projects or to talk. During this open day, it is possible to see some examples of hacking projects and see what happens in a hackerspace.

Some examples of activities are:
* Learning how websites, networks and other computer-based systems can be vulnerable to attackers and what can be done about this.
* Programming electronics and microcontrollers like the Arduino and the Raspberry Pi microcomputer. Hackers can show you how these can be used to build CNC milling, laser cutters, 3D printers, home automation, clocks, pick&place machines or autonomous robots.
* The use of 3D printers, for example to develop a jaw prosthesis, keys to copied from a picture, or a broken part to replace a household appliance.
* Discuss the use of personal data by companies or the government and the effects of this on our privacy and other aspects of society.
* There are also different presentations in hackerspaces of individual projects carried out in there.

Hackers find ethics an important subject, and distinguish themselves from cyber criminals by a strong sense of ethical behavior. During the open-hackerspaces-day it will be explained how hackers contribute to a better world by looking with fresh eyes to society, technology and organizations, and how they share their knowledge with the community. Additionally hackerspaces are also places where people are welcome who just make beautiful things and can find common space, tools, like-minded and can find inspiration. This can be in many forms from jigsaws to artisan smiths, to biohacking, or to molecular cooking.

Everyone is welcome to come take a look during the open day. The doors are open from 10:00am, the end of the day programme is around 17:00. Some hackerspaces remain open in the evening.
Registration is not required, it is often appreciated if press make themselves known beforehand. Some hackerspaces will have the opportunity to eat it at night, for which registration is required.
Many of the Dutch hackerspaces participate in the event, see their own website for more details:

* Almere - Sk1llz -
* Amersfoort - Bitlair -
* Amsterdam - Technologia Incognita -
* Arnhem - Hack42 -
* The Hague - RevSpace -
* Enschede - TkkrLab -
* Heerlen - ACKspace -
* Leeuwarden - Frack -
* Utrecht - Random Data -

Newsletter July 2014

We've put together another Newsletter. You can read about it here

Heres a brief list of whats in there:

1 Skill Exchange
2 Upcoming Events
3 Kids Workshops: Kids in Space
4 Second powerbar, powerbars working much better
5 TC0, upcoming TC1
6 Servers
7 Workstations
8 More diverse hacker drinks
9 Suggested membership fee changed to 25 Euro
10 Resolutions from the ALV meeting on 9 May
11 New projector
12 Arduino workshops
13 Basic Electronics Workshop
14 Something missing?

Newsletter February, 2014

We've put together our first Newsletter. You can read about it here

Heres a brief list of whats in there:

Among other it contains more on:
* New Room at Acta
* First members meeting in 2014: 9 February
* New BLACK stickers
* Conclusions from ALV in January
* LAOS - Laser cutting things
* CTF Team Update
* Cerberus 3D printer workshop
* Power Automation
* Upcoming Events
* Help needed!

Techinc has expanded in ACTA

In sync with passing the 100th member mark, we've expanded our space in the ACTA building. The new room is next to our existing space so, we're staying where we are, with room for more awesome projects and bigger events.

Getting our privacy back

Techinc has started a series of workshops to enhance online privacy. The focus is hands-on tools and techniques for protecting privacy and raising awareness.

What you can expect are trainings in personal privacy (personal encryption, etc) and tools that you can use to improve the privacy of whole communities like running your own secure email infrastructure, decentralized sharing and social media.

If you are a non-member and want to attend or contribute, you're welcome to do so. Just drop a note to let us know that you're joining, beforehand.

The main page of the privacy series

Fewer members in the space the next 2 weeks

In case you didn't hear yet the OHM2013 festival will be held from 31st to the 4th of August.

Many of Techinc's members will be attending the festival. This will mean that our socials will have significantly fewer members and might even be cancelled completely.

The next regular socials nights should be the 14th of August.

Barbecue in space!

Rainbow at the barbecue!

Our Social Wednesday was used for this years first outdoor barbecue of Technologia Incognita. Hopefully the first of quite a few this summer. Not even the typical rain and lightning could stop the feast. All around a big success with around 20 regulars and guests attending.

There was a double rainbow. No leprechaun or unicorns were spotted, however.

Technologia Incognita with its space, the first year

This week, it's exactly a year ago that Techinc got its first space. So a good moment to reflect on our first year and how we've progressed.
We started out with /tmp/inc, a space on the Vijzelstraat provided to us by Mediamatic while our definitive space was being made available. In October 2012 we moved to our current space and since then things have improved quite a bit.

  • We've tripled the number of members to about 65.
  • Many different projects and workshops going on. Various members use the space all week, in fact, we're open almost every day now!
  • We have access to many working tools for soldering, woodworking and 3D printing.
  • There is a electronics corner which has a wide array of components available.
  • We've arranged for a point-to-point data connection to (Wireless-)Leiden and Amsterdam Noord, with plans for more connections to follow; several other Dutch hackerspaces showed some interest.
  • We haven't been on fire.

Hackerspaces open day 30th of March, 2013.

Saturday the 30th of March, hackerspace 'Technologia incognita' was open to everyone who is interested in finding out more about what hackers and hackerspaces are all about. This was part of the "Open hackerspace day", held in my spaces around the country.

During the day, around 60 people visited and participated in events and talks organised at Techinc.

See the Hackerspace Openday wiki page for more information.

Landelijke open dag hackers, zaterdag 30 maart 2013, 10:00 t/m 17:00 uur

Enschede - Op 30 maart 2013 openen hackerspaces in Nederland haar deuren voor iedereen die wil weten wat echte hackers zijn en wat ze doen. Nederland telt momenteel twaalf hackerspaces.

Van vork naar iPhone-standaard, van pallet naar stoel, van eenvoudig speelgoed ombouwen naar een toonaangevend muziekinstrument, van oud laken naar kledingstuk of beamerscherm, een koffieautomaat aanzetten met je mobiel, van je WiFi-router een radio maken. Klinkt dit bekend? Dan ben je een hacker: hacken is alledaags en met de juiste mindset kan iedereen een hacker zijn. Dat laten de Nederlandse hackerspaces zien tijdens hun open dag. Vorig jaar bezochten ruim 300 mensen de allereerste open dag, wat werd gezien als een succes. Op 30 maart laten de hackerspaces opnieuw zien dat de hackergemeenschap een omvangrijk spectrum aan interesses kent, en ook een rijke historie heeft; zo komt bijvoorbeeld internetprovider XS4ALL voort uit de hackerswereld.
Vandaag de dag zijn er meer dan tien hackerspaces in Nederland: open werkplaatsen waar wordt geprogrammeerd, gesoldeerd, geknutseld en gediscussieerd. Ook worden er vaak lezingen en workshops gehouden.

Termen als ethisch hacken, knuffelhackers en vrije kennis worden graag uitgelegd. Delen van kennis, ook op technisch en ethisch vlak, wordt door veel hackerspaces gezien als een kernwaarde. "Veel projecten die in de space worden gemaakt staan ook gedocumenteerd op internet. Zo kunnen andere geinteresseerden het project hergebruiken of verbeteren", aldus Dave Borghuis, initiatiefnemer van de open dag en oprichter van Twentse hackerspace TkkrLab. "Een simpele vraag over de werking of het maken van iets leidt snel tot samenwerking en dus kennisdeling. Dat is heel toegankelijk en heeft met meer dan alleen computers te maken."

Hackers maken graag dingen, zo vinden oude spullen regelmatig een weg naar de hackerspace. Een motor van een oude mixer wordt bijvoorbeeld gebruikt om een autootje aan te drijven. Maar ook nog niet bestaande spullen worden zelf vervaardigd met 3D printers en andere gereedschappen, hackers maken hun eigen nieuwe electronica of schrijven hun eigen software. Allemaal gebaseerd op open en vrij beschikbare kennis die daarna volop en actief wordt gedeeld.

De open dag is een kleurrijk geheel met activiteiten door het hele land. Iedere hackerspace geeft hieraan een eigen invulling. Een willekeurige greep uit de onderwerpen die aan bod komen: producten maken met 3D printers, het gebruik van lasersnijders, workshops solderen en elektronica voor beginners, lockpicking, veilig surfen op internet en nog veel meer. Voor een overzicht van de activiteiten en openingstijden per space kan men terecht op

Iedereen is welkom om een kijkje te nemen. Om 10:00 uur 's ochtends openen de deuren, om 17:00 is het dagprogramma afgelopen. Sommige spaces zijn ook 's avonds geopend.

Aanmelden is niet nodig, het wordt wel op prijs wordt gesteld dat pers zich vooraf meldt.

Deelnemende hackerspaces:
Amersfoort: Bitlair,,
Amsterdam: Technologia Incognita,,
Almere: Sk1llz,,
Arnhem: Hack42,,
Den Haag: Revelation Space,,
Enschede: TkkrLab,,
Heerlen: ACKspace,,
Leeuwarden: Frack,,
Wageningen: NURDspace,,
Utrecht: RandomData, http://www,,

Internationale participatie:
Duitsland, Mannheim, RaumZeitLabor e.V. http://